Sunday Classes – Adult

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Join us for one of our two great classes on Sunday at 9 a.m.:

What Christians Believe (Part 2)

Does it really matter what we believe? How do we decide what is really Christian or not? Part 2 of this class will explore the central Christian beliefs and how they developed. Specifically we will look at some fundamental beliefs about the role of the Church, daily spiritual life, heaven & hell and the end of the world.

Teacher: Dr. Rod Reed

Class location: Chapel

All In

In a world that demands our constant attention, how do we keep from becoming spiritually lukewarm? Christ’s admonition is to be either hot or cold, so how do we get there? In response, this 4-week class will look into Rev. 3:14-22; Joseph’s life-story in Genesis; the spiritual disciplines; and finish in a review of the New Testament “One-Another” passages

Teacher: Dr. Steve Beers

Class location: Choir Room

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The “What Christians Believe” class is a 9-week class that starts January 14 and ends on March 18. The “All In” class is a 4-week class that starts on January 14 and ends on February 4.